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  • Realistic combat
  • Co-op play for up to three players
  • Chose a race – dwarf, human or elf

The Lord of the Rings: War in the Northis a multiplayer action/RPG video game based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

  • Get ambushed by bandits
  • Become a lab rat
  • Take on one last job to get that elusive answer

Bethesda Softworks has announced three downloadable content packs will be released in the coming months for Fallout: New Vegas.

By Mike Wheeler

Garmin has a reputation for solid, reliable gear because it’s never shy of spending a few bucks on R&D, which has both its up and downs– the up side being, you get a great product, the down, it comes at a price.

By Branko Miletic

In the halcyon days prior to e-shopping, Facebook and blogging, it was easy to remain anonymous online. If someone did want to go after you, you were hidden behind a firewall and about the worst they could do was send a nasty email. Those days are long gone.

  • Dymocks to sell Acer tablet
  • $100 worth of free content with purchase
  • 2 million tracks available at EMI tune store

Acer Computer Australia has announced a new partnership with Dymocks and EMI Australasia, which delive

  • Features quad-core Intel i5 processors
  • 70 percent faster
  • Offers FaceTime HD camera

Apple has updated its all-in-one iMac with next generation quad-core processors, new graphics, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTim

  • Change passwords frequently
  • Don’t give out personal details to anybody
  • Think about the information you are giving out

In a week where not once, but twice, the PlayStation Network was hacked and millions subscribers’ personal details

There's a reason Call of Juarez has got a MA15+ rating, and while there is no obvious violence in the trailer, it certainly is alluded to with this hard-hitting preview.

Check out this range of accessories specifically designed for the Pokemon Black and White games including character case kits, customised styluses and strategy guides.

Another tale in the Driver franchise, which looks just as good as previous versions.

  • Services to be up and running soon
  • Sony hire full-time security officer
  • Investigation ongoing to find culprits

Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment International has profusely apologised to PlayStation Network u

By Wayne Webb

I have played an earlier edition of Yakuza and to me this new version is almost the same. There’s a long story, the dialogue is obviously designed in another language, the gameplay jumps all over the show and you run around a few blocks in pseudo Tokyo streets.

  • Dual-core processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 1080p full HD recording

LG’s Optimus 2X smartphone is said to be the world’s first mobile phone to use a dual-core processor, which means it is a faster, more powerful performance, and robust multimed

Trailer: More Brink02 May 2011

Yet another trailer for Brink. It is supposed to be arriving soon - we hope so because it looks pretty good and they are spruiking the multi-player advantages of the first-person shooter.

Bluemouth is the local distributor of the 3rd Earth gaming rig. As you can see by the video, it is very easy to set up, is functional, and, more importantly, comes in at under $200 in price.