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Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment International has profusely apologised to PlayStation Network u

By Wayne Webb

I have played an earlier edition of Yakuza and to me this new version is almost the same. There’s a long story, the dialogue is obviously designed in another language, the gameplay jumps all over the show and you run around a few blocks in pseudo Tokyo streets.

  • Dual-core processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 1080p full HD recording

LG’s Optimus 2X smartphone is said to be the world’s first mobile phone to use a dual-core processor, which means it is a faster, more powerful performance, and robust multimed

Trailer: More Brink02 May 2011

Yet another trailer for Brink. It is supposed to be arriving soon - we hope so because it looks pretty good and they are spruiking the multi-player advantages of the first-person shooter.

Bluemouth is the local distributor of the 3rd Earth gaming rig. As you can see by the video, it is very easy to set up, is functional, and, more importantly, comes in at under $200 in price.

Move over Roger, Raphael and Andy, here comes Anthony having a crack at Sega's Virtua Tennis 4. The PS3 version has a 3D element that really puts you in the picture - as well as in the way of errant balls!

Racing Rigs01 May 2011

Ash checks out a couple of racing rigs that are sure to delight gamers who love the genre. As well as Tim's home-made set up, there are a couple of commercial options that are sure to satiate the appetite of racer gamers - let the fun begin!

Asus Eee Slate01 May 2011

Powered by Intel's dual-care i5 processor, Asus's foray into the slate market - the EP 121 - offers up a host of functionality, not least of which are its Windows Home Premium operating system, the ability to 'pinch-screen' in IE 8 and 9, as well as being able to sketch and draw intuitively on the screen with ease.

Garmin Approach G301 May 2011

Garmin's Approach G3 is a GPS device specifically designed to help you lower your handicap on the golfing fairways.

Hot Sites01 May 2011

Check out some of the more interesting sites on the web including the original Cyberpunk website BoingBoing and political pundit site Slate. Then there is Instructables, which as the name suggests, is a site for kids and adults alike that teaches you how to make things.

Game: Dirt 301 May 2011

Dirt 3 is the lastest installment of from the Colin McRae series, and showcases some of the classic rally tracks from around the world. With 50 cars to choose from, and a array of different tracks with varying weather conditions, you can certainly test your knowledge and skill to the nth degree.

Hot Apps01 May 2011

Ash has a crack at using the iPhone app Sleep Science Alarm, which is more than just an alarm clock. It will track your different sleep phases, and play the iPsychologist app, which offers positive reinforcement while you sleep - almost subliminal.

Little Big Planet 201 May 2011

Sony's Little Big Planet 2 brings back Sack Boy for a whole new range of adventures, not least those created by the Little Big Planet community itself. As well as playing the game, you can build your own maps, or play something new created by someone else - there are up to 3 million user-created levels.

Research in Motion's Blackberry Messenger, or BBM, is a smartphone that has been designed for a range of functions. However, by far and away its most interesting feature is its SMSing capabilities, which, as you'll see in this clip, are a cut above the rest.

Charlie, Ash and Anthony return with CyberShack TV, which is packed with the games and gadgets. Included in the line-up are: